When:                       Saturdays 1 PM -- 4 PM (this is the most likely time slot for a regular team practice session)

What:                        It is a goal of the Rio Rancho Road Runners to sponsor an NWBA Division II team commencing in the 2018 -- 2019 wheelchair basketball season.   If you are registered with the National Wheelchair Basketball League, or eligible to register with them as an athlete, you are invited to try out for our team by participating in our boot camp.  Those who have the best attendance records in our boot camp will have the best chance of being offered a player contract which covers travel, lodging, food and uniform expenses for tournament play throughout the country.  Rio Rancho Road Runners is pleased to announce that a full funding commitment has been procured for this upcoming team's expenses.

How:                        You can register for this program by indicating your interest in an email to kw.chairball@gmail.com.  In this email, please state your full name, address, contact telephone number, classification status if you have been classified, and the names of any wheelchair basketball teams you may have played with in the past.

Note:                         Boot Camp starts when there are enough people that commit to participating on a regular basis. You will be notified with further details when we have enough interested players for a team!


Rio Rancho Road Runners Boot Camp