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Wheelchair basketball began in the late 1940's and was first popular amongst disabled veterans of World War II.  Do you have anecdotes, special memories or stories that relate to changes in the way the sport of wheelchair basketball has been played or the way it is  perceived by the general public?  Share these important stories with others in our wheelchair basketball community!

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Has the time arrived for professional wheelchair basketball in the United States?  It seems our athletes have a broad range of opinions on this topic.  All opinions on the topic of professional wheelchair basketball are welcome here.  Expressions or sentiments involving disrespect or a personal debasement of others are not welcome here and will be censored by our moderators because they are not conducive to the promotion of wheelchair basketball.

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Do you have a favorite book, video, podcast or resource that helps people to learn or coach wheelchair basketball?  If so, why don't you share those resources with others in our wheelchair basketball community? 

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Rio Rancho Road Runners was formed in October, 2016 for the purpose of promoting wheelchair basketball.

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