We have a long term plan to include athletes with disabilities within the mix of our country's elite professional athletes.  To accomplish this, we will need trainers, players, coaches, administrators,  volunteers and all kinds of very talented people.  So, if you have real talent that can help us with our business and a passion for wheelchair basketball, let us know.  We may have a role for you in our organization even if it is not posted here at this time.

Currently open job openings are:

(1)  Assistant Trainer.  Hours are 1 pm through 4:30 pm, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at the McDermott Athletic Center in Rio Rancho.  Training certification desirable, but not required. Must work well with athletes who are training to become elite wheechair basketball players.  Pay is $10 -- $22 per hour, depending on experience and training certification.

Address all inquiries regarding these job openings to kw.chairball@gmail.com


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