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UNM Open Gym Events

        Rio Rancho Road Runners encourages playing wheelchair basketball in a manner that comports with a clear code of appropriate sports conduct.  You are sincerely and warmly invited to participate in any or all of these events listed in our calendar.  Who is eligible to play?  Basically, you, whether or not you have a physical impairment that could affect your opportunities to play stand up basketball (youths under the age of 15 need parental consent).  In our efforts to promote wheelchair basketball, we offer free advance event reservation of select sportschairs.  Send an email to for further information or to make a reservation for the usage of a sportschair (please give at least three days notice for a sportschair reservation).



Looking for the move

Safe Sports Conduct

Resources relating to this topic may be referenced here.  Participants who fail to adhere to this code of conduct may, in the sole judgment of Rio Rancho Road Runners, LLC, be barred from any event sponsored by it.